Introduction to Yellow

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What comes to mind when you see yellow on a stop light?

Sales is a relationship business. Mastering this step is crucial in showcasing the benefits of your relationship, crafting an offer and having successful closings. Once you’ve mastered this step, you will be showing less homes and closing in less time. Each home you show will have a purpose, a feature a benefit and will build on your skills. This is the opportunity to bridge the gap between your clients needs and your listening abilities.

Is my client a first time home buyer?

If your client is a first time home buyer they are looking for tmiely, accurate information on the current real estate market, but also appreciate working with a professional who can explain and clarify all the steps of the home buying process. They need a coach, a friend and an advocate. This is the time to showcase your partnering and coaching skills.

Is my client an investor?

During the initial conversation you learned whether our client was a seasoned investor or a first time home buyer or simply knowledgeable of the home buying process.


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